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A dynamic TechDay: Dynamic Substructuring & Blocked-Force TPA

The first TechDay "Dynamic Substructuring & Blocked-Force TPA" has become successful. The seminar was carried out together with VIBES.Technology at the research center CRITT M2A in Northern France and inspired about 20 participants.

On the agenda that day: theory, graphs and equations, but also real demos and practical case studies, on a highly technical subject which prompted some thoughtful exchanges and lively discussions.

Dennis de Klerk (MBBM-VAS NL) and Maarten van der Kooij (VIBES) were our two experts in explaining the advantages of this technology, addressing the following main topics with the aim of ensuring an interactive debate …

  • General introduction on TPA Framework, Virtual Points & Blocked Force ISO Standardization
  • Methods, theory & cases regarding Dynamic Substructuring
  • Workshop about Measuring Virtual Points transformed FRFs
  • Use cases for Dynamic Substructuring & Blocked Force TPA.

All participants had also the opportunity to visit the CRITT M2A outstanding NVH test facilities.