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New releases of PAK capture

PAK capture 3.1 und PAK capture Lab 3.2

PAK capture makes mobile measurements even more efficient. Discover the new features of the PAK capture for an even faster acquisition and visualization of physical data.


  • Configurable Recording interface
    The recording page is now configurable and can be easily adapted to different measurement tasks. Thanks to the new 2D online display of slow data (CANbus, speed, temperature), you have an overview of the signals – no matter where you are.


  • CANbus extensions
    The browser with 2D offline display for CANbus signals visualizes the signal curve and allows phenomena to be easily recognized. Also new are the extended CAN decoding functions for multiplex, WWH-OBD and CAN FD as well as triggering to CAN signals.
  • Comfort and usability
    More intuitive features provide more measurement convenience, such as the support for Flic® buttons, the grounding option for tacho channels, the improved configuration of tri-axial sensors, the support for differential charge channels, and the adjustment of strain gauge balancing.
  • Support of new PAK MKII hardware
    At the same time, the new PAK capture Lab 3.2 is also available. With this pre-release version of the upcoming PAK capture 3.2, you can already measure with the new CAN42S G2 module from the PAK MKII hardware series. The CAN42S G2 module can record CANbus data of both standards – CAN and CAN FD.

Explore all new features! Download PAK capture 3.1 and PAK capture Lab 3.2 now.