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Online Monitoring @ Pass-By Measurements

HavE all pass-by relevant data online at hand.
make your measurement and evaluation process more efficient.

With our online graphics, you have all single values in real time available. This online monitoring of weather data (e.g. wind, temperature), environmental parameters (e.g. ambient noise) or sensor operational conditions (e.g. light barriers, microphones, throttle sensor) enables you to see what you are really measuring and when the conditions to measure are fine. Thus, faulty measurements can be proactively avoided. 

The background level can also be analyzed spectrally in real time to detect better interferences, e.g. from birds or other noise sources. This is particularly relevant for measurements of electric vehicles, which have a high sensitivity to interferences due to the low level.

At the test bench, vehicle conditionings can be controlled and evaluated by selectively listening to channels or monitoring of additional quantities (e.g. CAN data) over the recorded period. Measurements are started after approval of the operator. This guarantees a higher measurement quality with higher efficiency.

The online graphics includes pre-defined diagrams with red-green indicators for the different values. It can be easily adapted and extended to your demands. Of course, you can also listen to the online data by the optional PAK audio monitor.

Online Graphics

Weather data & Driving speed

Online Graphics - Terzen

Weather data & Sound Pressure

  • Online monitoring of all pass-by relevant data, e.g. weather data, environmental parameters, sensor conditions
  • Real time condition checks ensuring high quality measurements 
  • Optimized measurement and rest cycles 
  • Display of levels, 3rd octave spectra, digital numbers
  • Quick extension and adaption of graphics
  • Support of psychoacoustic analyses
  • Optional listening to online data stream via PC soundcard
  • and much more