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PAK capture 2.3 is live

Discover the new PAK capture App 2.3. The new version comprises the following features:

► Support for ALI and THM modules

Along with the current support of standard modules for measurements of acceleration, force, strain, and rotation, the new version enables measurements with thermocouples and high-resolution voltage inputs of up to 819 kSa/s. Physical events can be correlated with the operational behavior of the test object or short-term phenomena detected.

► Enhancements for measurement operation

Newly integrated additional sampling groups supporting slow thermo channels or high-speed analog input channels allow for measurements with slow and fast channels at the same time. Additionally, further grounding settings as well as performance optimizations enhance the measurement operation.

► Get the new version

The App can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple® App-StoreSM and from the Google Play™ Store. Via your PAK tunes installation, you can simply download the appropriate update packages of the firmware for your PAK MKII G2 frontend. PAK capture 2.3 is optimized for iOS®11 and Android™ 8.1.