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Release of PAK pass-by 3.3 Regulations Update 1

Being up to date is the keyword - especially for standards. For the PAK pass-by 3.3 application, we are providing you again with new standard implementations and updates of existing standard implementations with the Regulations Update 1. For being on top of constantly evolving regulations in exterior noise testing.

The implementations UN_R117_R2, UNECE_R51_02, UNECE_R51_03_INM, KDV_1967, TRN-Coefficients (TCS) as well as the Silent Car regulations GBT_37153, GBT_37153_SI, MOLIT_NOT_42_3, MOLIT_NOT_42_3_SI, UNECE_R138, UNECE_R138_SI and CFR49_P571_141_R2 are updated.

Both software package and update information for Regulations Update 1 are available for download from our Partner-Portal.