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We mourn the loss of our company founder, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ludwig Schreiber, who passed away on 7 May 2021 at the age of 93

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ludwig Schreiber

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ludwig Schreiber

In 1962, Ludwig Schreiber and four other partners founded the former Müller-BBN GmbH, which he significantly shaped as managing director and, after his retirement, as director. 

In addition to lecturing room acoustics and sound insulation at the Technical University of Munich, where he was appointed honorary professor in 1989, he was chairman of the DIN/VDI Standards Committee Acoustics, Noise Control and Vibration Engineering (NALS) and chairman of the Bavarian regional Association of Consulting Engineers (VBI). Furthermore, Ludwig Schreiber was chairman of various technical committees of DIN and VDI as well as of the technical section for acoustics and thermal building physics in the VBI. With a great deal of commitment and broad, technical expertise, he contributed to significant DIN standards, guidelines, and numerous publications, as a result of which he enjoyed a high reputation in the professional world.

His high level of competence and his unerring sense for engineering methods that could be implemented in everyday engineering practice were essential prerequisites for engineering acoustics to become a manageable, now indispensable cross-sectional discipline of modern planning and engineering activities. As a co-founder of the German Society for Acoustics, which honored him with the appointment of an honorary member in 2019, Ludwig Schreiber also contributed to ensuring that technical/scientific acoustics had appropriate opportunities for professional exchange and representation in society as a whole.

Even in retirement, he participated in the development of Müller-BBM as a shareholder with much heart and soul. He was a great engineer and understanding mentor for many colleagues in our group of companies.

With Ludwig Schreiber, we lose a very valued colleague and friend.

He will remain unforgotten.