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Release of PAK 5.11

The new main version PAK 5.11 features users by its new functionalities for analyzing signals for NVH E-Mobility. The enhanced integration of the powerful NVH application PAK 5.11 into the connected world of the PAK family allows for streamlined workflows. This includes both the access to the PAK cloud IO service to acquire data streams from your measurement devices equipped with PAK live and the access to the PAK cloud depot service for managing measurement data.

In addition, PAK 5.11 sets milestones in the integration of standards and consistently pursues the holistic availability of NVH measurement and analysis methods in one application. Smart highlights of the new version are:

  • CAN FD and digital bus data decoding
  • Support of the arxml format, defined by AUTOSAR™, for decoding digital bus data
  • ASAM ODS 6.0
  • Enhanced algorithms for the preparation of Tacho edges (filling pulse gaps)
  • New method for advanced structural analysis: Principal Component Contribution Analysis (PCCA)
  • and much more

Discover the new features now: You can easily download the new version in the Partner-Portal on our web page.