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Release of PAK capture 3.0

Mobile measuring redefined

Discover process-oriented working with the PAK MKII and the ultra-mobile MicroQ in conjunction with the PAK capture 3.0: smart, simple and connected. Or in simple words: Discover pioneering innovations for mobile measurements.

  • MicroQ and PAK cloud
    The MicroQ is the All-in-One-solution for mobile measurements. With a bunch of built-in features, modular input channels, interaction with the PAK capture app, and the PAK cloud, all measurement information are automatically connected with one another and available anywhere in the highest quality.

  • CANbus
    With PAK capture 3.0, you cannot only decode, display online and save CAN-data, but already benefit from full support of OBD-2 and CAN FD. For the streaming of CAN decoded signals and time-series-channels, you additionally require PAK 5.11 Lab.
  • Recording Interface
    Powerful features of the brand-new recording page make the dynamic data recording easier and more intuitive than ever before.
  • Usability
    With just one click, sensors can be easily assigned to the measurement channels, including the measurement quantities, calibration factors, and all channel settings. The result: an even faster readiness to measure.

The App can be downloaded for free in the Apple® App-StoreSM.