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PAK smart recorder

High-end and smart

The PAK smart recorder is your gateway to high-level dynamic data recording and NVH analysis - at a very attractive price. Combined with high quality, compact measurement instruments, you can easily harness the power of PAK. For example, use descriptive data to support cloud based data management as well as interactive and automated reporting for analysis. Best of all: PAK smart recorder can be expanded with a range of professional analysis tools

Enter the world of PAK with PAK smart recorder

  • Time data recording
  • Streaming FFT analysis
  • 1-click conversion of data to ATFX format with all descriptive data
  • Ensure test data sustainability with descriptive data
  • Offline data browser with drag & drop and graphic streaming
  • Export of report diagrams e.g., to .pdf, .svg, .png, .emf and directly to Microsoft PowerPoint®
  • Online graphics with 3D Campbell and 2D Spectra
  • Upgradable to all professional analysis tools

Enhanced Analysis Performance with PAK 6

  • Rotational + Structural Analyses
    Order Analysis, Torsional Vibration, Angle-based Analysis, OTPA, TPA, TPS, CTC, PCA, Matrix Inversion, MIMO/SIMO, ODS, Impact/Shaker Meas.
  • Technical Acoustics
    Octave Analyses, Sound Power, Sound Intensity, Sound Localization, Reverberation, Exterior Noise


  • Sound Quality
    Online Filtering, Psychoacoustics, Interior Acoustics, Sound Design, Modulation Analysis, Hearing Comparison, Engine Roughness


    Mechanic.& Electric. NVH, Clarke/Park Transformation, PWM Signal Analysis, Torque Ripple Calculation, Resolver Signal Analysis, Current / (High-)Voltage Meas., Battery Testing

Future-proof technology. Unlimited possibilities.

For any engineering or testing task, the PAK family provides intelligent applications for acquiring, processing, analysing and managing dynamic data. The PAK cloud allows you to organise your workflows, provides a sustainable, consistent approach to data storage, and interfaces to ECU/test bench data.