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1. Login to the PAK MKII

It is not possible to login for the use of one PAK MKII with multiple users in parallel. This also means that as long as PAK tunes is logged in, it is not possible to login with the PAK capture app, nor the other way round. If you cannot log in, because the PAK MKII is occupied by another user, please contact the user who is logged in.

"Disconnected" does not mean, that the Wi-Fi connection is lost. "Disconnected" means that PAK tunes is not logged in to PAK live.

2. Select the tab "Measurement data" to check available data on the PAK MKII

3. Add a data source and create a data path, where the data shall be downloaded to

You are welcome to create any data path you like, using your own folder hierarchy.
There is no limitation.

Each folder which is created by use of PAK tunes is also created on the HDD of the computer and can also be accessed with the file explorer.

4. Specify the created data path as "destination directory"

5. Download measurement data whether the whole data completely with the button "Transfer measurement data" or selected data via drag&drop

When downloading the measurement data, it is recommended to download all data completely by use of the button "Transfer measurement data", in order to free the disk space of the SSD of the PAK MKII for the next session.

All drag & drop operations are cut & paste operations. If you like to copy & paste, press "Ctrl" while drag & drop.

Deleting folders is supported only if the folder to be deleted is empty. This is not meant to be used to delete measurement data, it is meant to be used for folder organization.