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ASAM ODS Data Viewer

edp – engineering data portal

edp is a web-based engineering data portal for ASAM ODS data. As a generic ASAM ODS client on the Web, edp can access data stored in ASAM ODS sources worldwide; visualize it interactively and process it effectively.

Browsing and searching

Intuitive browsing and searching (Browse + Query) of ASAM ODS data sources excels with fast results.

Demand-oriented data selection

Targeted, fast access to the required ASAM ODS data is linked to an immediate evaluation option, whereby only the relevant data is considered. While bulk data processing takes place on the server, the edp browser receives the selected data as a HTML graphics over HTTPS. This results in slim data packets and high performance, even with large data volumes.

Intelligent interactions

In edp your data is being processed in an elegant way. Pre-defined processes such as nth octaves, statistical calculations simplify the procedure. Special features include:

  • Comparison of results
  • Data Mining
  • Audio playback of raw time data
  • Export of visualized or stored data
  • Creating VAS Graphics2Go packages
  • Integration of interactive graphics in management reports

All at a glance

The portal is best suited for search queries with result preview, benchmarking and quality management. However, it can also be used for standardized procedures, for example for determining maximum values or for comparing runs for exterior noise measurements.

ASAM ODS support

  • Supported standards: ASAM ODS V5.1, V5.2, V5.3, V6.0; NVH and geometry data model
  • ASAM ODS data access with OO-API
  • Exchange format: ATF/XML

Roles and rights management

edp boasts an access and role management system: Members of different target groups can securely access relevant and approved data via the company network.

DatA Viewer with interfaces TO THE WORLD

Evaluate measurement data – simple, fast, independent of location. With edp, the web-based solution for efficient analysis, evaluation and presentation of acoustic and vibration measurement data in ASAM format.

  • Easy browsing and searching
    Navigate and search data sources using intuitive workflows.
  • Demand-oriented data selection 
    Fast results through targeted access to the required data with immediate evaluation options.
  • Intelligent interaction with optimized result data streams
    Predefined processing, result comparison, data mining, audio playback of raw time data, export of visualized or stored data.
  • Often predestined 
    ... or search queries with preview, benchmarking, quality management and standardized processes.