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The purpose of this PAK Tip is to introduce the “Custom Variables Dialog” feature available in the “Graphic Viewer”.
This feature is present in the "Define legend", useful when you want to make a legend on the fly in a diagram.
It will make it easier to use PAK variables as legends.


  • We display a data via the "Graphic Definition" or the "Data Viewing",
  • we create a legend,
  • then we edit it.

This leads to the “Define legend” menu.

What we are interested in is accessible via the “Variables” button:

This interface will allow us to modify / customize the name taken in the fields “Variable1; Variable2..." in "Define legend".

We now can create a mask between:

  • the "system" names of PAK which are not always explicit
  • and those that we want to appear in the definition of the legend.

2. USE

The names already present can be modified

► by double clicking to edit the name:


You can change the sort order of the variables

► with the "up" / "down" arrows:

It is of course also possible to create new entries.

We will add in the example the information entered before the measurement in the "Candidate Test: PAKVehicle".

  • We start by choosing the variable that interests us in the list,
  • then we click on “OUT”.
  • Finally, we give it a name by double-clicking on “…”.
  • You can add or delete entries:
  • We finalize with “Apply” + OK” to return to the “Define legend”.


  • Our modifications appear and can be used:


In addition, the rendering is already available to avoid having to leave the "Define legend":


This legend can be saved as "Default" to be reused later, via the "Set with Default Attributes".


  • Please note that the rendering is also available before the final choice.


In "Manage defaults", we will be able to manage the saved legend formats:

The whole PAK Tip 151 is available by downloading the pdf:

PAK Tip 151 - Custom Variables Dialog
Download (pdf, 2 MB)



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