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No matter if product highlights, getting-started, or solutions for testing and measurement data management – be up to date with our free LIVE web-seminars! We are looking forward to welcoming you to learn more about the latest technologies, tools and workflows.
All web-seminars are conducted by experienced specialists. The interactive sessions are characterized by know-how, actuality, and practical relevance. You benefit from compact knowledge, recommendations for your work and live sessions for ideas on dedicated issues. 


  • Duration: 60 min,
    Start time: time zone GMT+2 (Berlin)
  • max. 25 participants
    per session 
  • Language:
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Topics at Hand

ISO 10844 + Effective NVH DAQ

Acoustic test track standards and maximized productivity for NVH data collection

  • ISO 10844 overview, challenges, and site management
  • Efficient techniques for exterior noise, interior noise, and general NVH data collection, analysis, and management
  • Q&A

Component TPA (Blocked Forces) 

Source Characterization & Component TPA in practice – applied on e-components

  • Source characterization on an e-component
  • Quality assessment and proof for independency of the blocked forces
  • Validation in the vehicle
  • Importance of the right degree of freedom (DoF) on the interface
  • Tips

Essentials for e-NVH and e-Drive Testing

e-drive quantities in correlation with NVH data & considering the effects on e-motors

  • Typical analyses of synchronous and asynchronous motors
  • Frequency offset determination for PWM frequency response
  • Clarke / Park Transformation 
  • Determination of electrical power quantities in both the time and order domain, cycle-related power calculation

operationaL Transfer pAth AnalysiS

Analysis of airborne and structure-borne noise path contributions with the OTPA

  • OTPA of tire rolling noise and engine noise
  • Explanation of the OTPA principle
  • Measurement positions and results, useful analysis tools, and Response Modification Analysis (RMA)

RotationAL analysiS Fundamentals

Performing accurate NVH analysis of rotating machinery

  • RPM measurement and processing techniques
  • Harmonics & Order analysis by Fourier and Digital Resampling
  • Signal display in the angular domain, rotational vibration & torsion

Efficient Workflows With PAK 5.11

Analysis and display of NVH measurement data

  • Workflow examples
  • Interactive analysis of NVH data in both the graphic definition and data viewer, e.g. frequency and order analysis as well as data comparison, data visualization

Signal analysIS: Hanning WINDOW

Advantages & limits of the Hanning Window

  • Analysis of non-stationary signals (run-up and overlap)
  • Limits of the Hanning window for fast-changing signals
  • Detection of transient (pulse-shaped) signal sections in a run-up

Automation of Graphic Output

Efficient NVH analysis

  • Possibilities of automatization of analyses on measurement data by PAK
  • Graphic Sequence
  • Applying analyses for selection of channels or multiple measurements, measurement comparison, and data export

Reporting With PAK Software

Report creation made easy

  • Creating a report using an example standard measurement process
  • Layout, alias tables, and the conditional format options
  • Report template for the validation of a measurement and for compliance proofing

PAK audio Tools For Engineering

Optimized replaying and modifying NVH data with PAK audio tools

  • Signal playback, measurement types, filters
  • Playback levels: Optimized level, no pre-amplification, Full Range Definition
  • Audio Design: frequency filters, order filters, sound design

DatA Management With PAK cloud

Fundamentals & Deployment of PAK cloud for managing data and processes

  • Basics of PAK cloud infrastructure and deployment
  • Working with standard PAK cloud clients
  • Possibilities of individual, customer-specific clients
  • Security, data access, user management, REST API

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