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Developers are faced with the great challenge of making the acoustics and vibrations of electric motors in traction drives or ancillary units as inconspicuous as possible. However, optimizing the NVH parameters in terms of construction or control often influences the performance of the electric motor.

For the development process, this means several iterations until the optimum tuning is achieved and thus time-consuming testing in the performance test field and on the NVH test bench.

By integrating NVH and performance analyses into an united test bench environment, all electrical performance parameters and acoustics can be tested simultaneously on one test bench and optimized at an early stage using a frontloading approach.

Your testing should be as smart as the tools it uses. The webinar shows you how this is achieved by the integration of power analyzer, NVH systems and test bench communication.


  • Simultaneous acquisition of current and voltage signals and NVH quantities, especially on drives with inverters (including sampling rate, phase synchronicity, cycle calculation)
  • Online EtherCAT integration of the test field for raw and analysis data
  • Park transformation for correlation of NVH and performance data
  • Analysis of test bench, performance and NVH parameters of a three-phase, inverter-controlled synchronous motor


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The webinar "Silent Drive" is a joint event of the DEWETRON GmbH and Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme GmbH.
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e-NVH - Investigating the correlations between e-power & NVH
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DEWETRON is the manufacturer of highly intuitive, end-to-end test & measurement systems designed to make the world more predictable, efficient, and safe. DEWETRON systems are modular in design allowing us to deliver reliable measurement data and provide flexible, needs-based data acquisition capability for aerospace & defense, the automotive industry, the power & energy sector as well as industrial & manufacturing companies.

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