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Measurement solutions for dynamic data

For the efficient acquisition of dynamic measurement data of the highest quality, we recommend PAK MKII and MicroQ from the QuantusSeries of our hardware partner Mecalc (Pty) Ltd.

As premium measurement frontends, both systems boast modularity, scalability and flexibility. They can be used individually as well as in a phase-synchronous network. In combination with the PAK live technology, the QuantusSeries also integrates seamlessly into existing landscapes.

The frontends can be used for the following tasks as required:

  • Mobile Measurements
  • Troubleshooting
  • Field Tests
  • Test Bench Measurements
  • Automated measurements
  • Smart Applications
  • Quality Assurance
  • and more


  • 2-1000+ configurable channels
  • All common sensor types
  • Data qualityfor highest demands
  • Up to 1 MHzsampling rate
  • 20+ different measurement quantities
  • IntegrityMaximum signal integrity
  • Easilyexpandable
  • Worldwidein use