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PAK live

A l'avant-garde de la technologie

Nous créons des solutions innovantes, ouvertes et durables pour le traitement de données dynamiques en priorisant la stabilité opérationnelle, la fiabilité et l'indépendance des plateformes. De nombreuses années d'expertise dans le traitement des données ainsi que dans l'automatisation des processus garantissent le succès de notre approche intégrative.

PAK live

Our PAK live technology enables live data streaming across various data sources. As embedded software on the measurement device or PC, PAK live forms the intelligent interface between the measurement device and applications. PAK live hosts versatile services for measurement and analysis. Thus, high and low frequency data is continuously available for the respective applications in real time.

The PAK live.hub makes it possible to further process physical data of the highest quality with test bench, bus and energy data or logging parameters and to make the data available for diverse applications in real-time with the highest performance.

PAK live.hub

With the PAK live.hub, measurement devices with PAK live technology continuously transmit data. Multiple applications can access the data stream and subscribe to the signals required for their respective tasks – even in different applications at the same time. In this way, you can process several evaluation tasks in parallel with just one measurement setup.

This connectivity and data networking enables you to develop products even more efficiently. Simulations can be enriched with test-based models and measurement data.

Selected PAK live SERVICES

  • PAK live recorder 
    Recording of ASAM ODS ATF/X data 
  • PAK live trigger 
    Pre-configured trigger conditions
    (e.g. detector, DC signals, rotational speed)
  • PAK live connect
    Connects PAK live devices to the
    PAK live.hub
  • PAK live GPS
    GPS time shift compensation for synchronization
  • PAK live CAN
    CAN and CAN FD data recording
  • PAK live EtherCAT
    Client/Server functionality for EtherCAT® data  using Beckhoff® EtherCAT® interfaces
  • and much more