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PAK pass-by 3.x

Exterior Noise Engineering

PAK pass-by is the tool for exterior noise engineering. The innovative software application enables the efficient assessment and development of the emitted exterior noise of vehicles in one application and can be used both on the test track (real pass-by) and on the test bench (simulated pass-by). Intelligent technologies, efficient workflows and optimal user-friendliness make the difference.

Highly efficient all-rounder

PAK pass-by is suitable for vehicles of all classes and types and guarantees flawless test results and high-quality data with minimal use of resources.

It is a holistic tool for exterior noise engineering that accelerates processes, clearly displays results at the touch of a button and further improves your development processes.

You benefit from an innovative, practical solution for type testing, conformity of production (COP) and development that maximizes your validation efficiency.

Time Saving Features

Intelligent Technology

  • Autonomous systems for standalone-data acquisition with continuously high data throughput
  • Robust WLAN-communication and secure GPS-synchronization
  • Testing of all measurements for signal integrity
  • Optionally expandable for further engineering (Contribution analysis, NVH, etc.)

Efficient Workflows

  • Multi-session operation supporting multiple vehicles and standards simultaneously
  • Highest flexibility: component variants and several standards can be reproduced in one order
  • Outsourcing capable
  • Optional order system for increased process reliability and efficient task handling

Unique Usability

  • Quick measurement readiness, guided test sequences
  • One-man operation with real-time driver display
  • Immediate results trends and vehicle fingerprints
  • A lean application for both simulated and real pass-by

Interactive comparison with graphic reports

Take your interactive data analysis to the next level. Benefit from the strengths of this flexible, convenient tool and compare measurement data in a new way with just a few clicks. Special graphic reports are available as a permanently updated download on the Partner Portal free of charge.

Of course, you can create graphic reports for advanced graphic evaluation yourself using the integrated wizard to support you even more efficiently in your daily work:

  • Powerful, individually configurable reports for both engineering and standardized reporting
  • Interactive, flexible measurement and measurement session comparison
  • Standardized comprehensive report in the context of homologation
  • Access to additional analyzer results
  • Seamless embedding into the overall workflow: automatic execution and saving as a PDF attachment in the measurement order when closing or uploading to the PAK cloud

Convenient for users

With PAK pass-by, a single user can control the entire measurement procedure clearly and conveniently. Functions and user interfaces are perfectly adapted to the test procedures for simulated and real pass-by. The user can, visually assisted by the PC and / or smart device, prepare the entire measurement setup, calibrate the sensors and control the measurements.

Based on our PAK live technology, PAK pass-by 3.x consistently uses the advantages of continuous data streaming.

Features, such as automatic triggering, run detection, online fingerprints, one-window-environment, trend prediction, and a fast channel overview in the time and frequency domain, support you in your work. A phase-synchronous standalone data acquisition, an optional connection to the order system and an efficient data storage are standard features.

Download PAK pass-by Pro App


The PAK pass-by App has proven its effectiveness for real pass-by measurements: On a clearly arranged driver display, measurement results, trends and valuable information about the measurement session are shown in real time.

The PAK capture App allows the user to configure and calibrate the channels of the PAK MKII measurement frontends directly on site. On the test bench, the configuration can be done not only with PAK capture, but also with PAK scope, a PC-based application.

In addition, the application convinces with its graphical functionalities and numerous features around handling of measurement data. This will take you even more quickly from the measurement to the finished report. PAK pass-by 3.x makes external noise engineering even more efficient - on the test track and on the test bench.

Up to date

With PAK pass-by, users are always in the fast lane with regard to standards and check their vehicles in accordance with the latest regulations and requirements. New standards are continuously integrated, and the available standards are kept up to date according to their further development.


  • UN-ECE R51.03 (car, truck, bus)
  • UN-ECE R51.02 (car, truck, bus)
  • UN-ECE R41.05 (motorcycle)
  • UN-ECE R41.04 (motorcycle)
  • UN-ECE R41.03 (motorcycle)
  • ASEP for UN-ECE R41.04 & R51.03
  • eASEP for UN-ECE R41.04 & R51.03
  • GOST 33555:2015
  • ADR 83/00
  • ABNT NBR 15145
  • KDV 1967
  • UN-ECE R138
  • US CFR40 Part 205 Subpart D
  • US CFR49 Part 571.141
  • TRIAS 30-J040-01
  • GB 1495 20XX
  • GB/T 22036-2017
  • GBT 37153
  • GB/T 18697-2002 + DIN ISO 5128 (Interior Noise)
  • NL PIEK 2010 + Quiet Truck
  • UN-ECE R117 (Tire Labeling)
  • UN-ECE R28
  • SAE J192 (Snow Mobile)
  • MOE-NOT Art. 6 (car, truck)
  • MOLIT-NOT 42-3
  • AVAS
  • Idle Noise Measurement
  • Background Noise Measurement
  • SAE J2825 (Exhaust)
  • Open pass-by Standard & OpenHorn


  • Quick measurement setup and precise signal testing
  • Order-oriented workflow supporting an optimized embedding in your daily tasks
  • Fast comparison between simulated and real pass-by evaluations
  • Accessible, sustainable data management – ASAM ODS ATF/X-based
  • Powerful graphical capabilities for easy result comparison
  • Flexibility: component variants and several standards can be mapped in one order
  • Sustainability: practice-oriented measurement procedure and standardized processes
  • Compatibility: easy import of existing, completed measurements
  • Continuity: almost all standards/regulations for vehicles with electric, hybrid and combustion engines or vehicle components

Valuable enhancements

The PAK pass-by can be optionally supplemented. In addition to the individual post-processing of data concerning interior noise, comfort or driving dynamics, it provides added value for engineering including:

  • The simulation of tire roll noise (Tire Correction Simulation), which allows tires to be exchanged quickly and virtually with other tires.
  • With PAK contribution analysis, individual components of exterior noise measurements can be separated extremely quickly using Transfer Path Analysis (TPA).
  • With the PAK wav exporter, PAK pass-by measurements of a CFR49 §571.141 validation can be processed for conformity with the NHTSA compliance tool and automatically exported to WAV files.
  • The PAK audio monitor allows for streaming of measurement channels from the PAK live.hub service to a sound card to playback the data by any audio device.