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Open for innovation

We provide tailor-made tools with open, standardized interfaces and data formats to enable the seamless exchange of data between different system providers. In this way we make data readable across platforms. This eases day-to-day engineering and boosts innovations and efficiency.

The components of the PAK family natively support data in ASAM ODS ATF/X format. We can integrate the components smoothly into our customers' existing system landscapes for future-proof measurement data processing.

For over 25 years, this approach has been the basis of our software development. The further development of PAK in recent decades would have been unimaginable without this concept. We are actively supporting the ASAM association to help increasing the take-up of open standards in the future.

Müller-BBM is one of the founding members of ASAM e.V. Since 1996, we have been evolved in the committee to support the continuous development of the standard. This includes for example the modeling of NVH data, digital bus data and the geometry description. In the working groups "ODS" and "Big Data" we are contributing our expertise of many years in big data technologies and ASAM data.

Since 2014, Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme has been one of the five "Driver Members" in the openMDM® Eclipse Working Group. openMDM® 5 is a middleware layer that enables efficient data processing of standardized data between different data sources and applications. The focus of our work is the implementation of applications in the field of test and measurement data management. Both are based on common, standardized resources and infrastructures to make workflows more efficient and to interdisciplinary connect network simulation and testing.