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DAR42 G2


    Where to use

    The DAR42 G2 Module provides interfaces to receive two stereo AES3 digital audio streams. For synchronization between the DAR42 G2 and external digital audio transmission equipment, the DAR42 transmits a synchronization signal which can be selected to be either an AES3 output signal (data at digital zero) or word clock signal.

    • With measuring devices which provide an AES3 based digital audio signal, such as a digital artificial head


    • Two stereo input channels
    • Frame rates of 44.1, 48.0, 88.2 and 96.0 kHz
    • Single AES3 or master word clock output
    • Lemo 3-way EGG.0B connectors for AES3 input and Lemo 3-way FAG.0B connector for synchronization output