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    Where to use

    The DCH42S G2 Module has 2 independent differential input channels for piezoelectric sensors (without internal electronics). These sensors are typically used when improved signal performance such as low noise and low distortion is required or where high temperature and nuclear radiation prevents the use of ICP® based sensors. Additionally  a differential charge measurement offers further noise immunity and higher bandwidth and is particularly suited to applications using long cables.

    • With piezoelectric sensors commonly used to measure vibration, acceleration, force, torque and pressure
    • Where long cables are required necessitating the use of balanced twisted pair cables


    • 2 channels
    • 24-bit resolution, 204.8 kSa/s sampling rate per channel, 90 kHz bandwidth
    • <0.5° @ 10 kHz phase accuracy between channels of the same or other Module
    • 2 Sensitivity settings of 0.1 mV/pC and 1 mV/pC when in single ended mode
    • 2 Sensitivity settings of 0.2 mV/pC and 2 mV/pC when in differential mode
    • 3 voltage gain ranges
    • Maximum charge input ranges from ±100 pC to ±100 nC in single ended mode and from ±50 pC to ±50 nC in differential mode
    • Low discharge time constant provides a 16 mHz high pass frequency (-3 dB)
    • There are 2 distinctive input mode options:
      • Single-Ended or Unbalanced Float
      • Single-Ended or Unbalanced Ground
    • Selectable low and high pass digital filters
    • Overvoltage detection on frontend input signals
    • Twin BNC connectors