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ECT42 G2


    Where to use

    Data which is acquired in the PAK MKII system can be shared synchronously with other EtherCAT® devices via the high speed Ethernet backbone using the EtherCAT® protocol and EtherCAT® system time. This data is presented along with miscellaneous parameters including units and scaling factors.

    • Provides the ability to interface to other networked EtherCAT® slave devices within a factory, laboratory or test chamber environment
    • When acquiring data via other networked EtherCAT® slave devices


    • Supports slave-to-slave communication in passive mode
    • Conforms to EtherCAT® standards IEC 61158, ISO 15745-4 and SEMI E54.20
    • Supports CANopen over EtherCAT® (CoE) and Service Delivery Object (SDO) access
    • Full duplex 100-BASE-TX in upstream and downstream directions, with galvanic isolation on each interface
    • Time stamping of data in 64-bit EtherCAT® system time
    • Distributed clocks synchronized to an absolute maximum error of 100 ns
    • Supports hot-connect and slave alias addressing for high availability
    • Cycle times across the entire EtherCAT® network less than 100 µs
    • Slave Information Interface (SII) implemented for device description
    • ERNI M12 connectors