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FLX42 G2


    Where to use

    The FLX42 G2 Module provides an interface to connect to a FlexRay™ network for the monitoring of FlexRay™ based messages and interfacing with FlexRay™ based sensors. The FLX42 G2 Module contains two dependent FlexRay™ channel interfaces to support either single channel or dual channel topologies. For the transmission and reception of FlexRay™ messages, selectable bit rates of 2.5, 5, 8 or 10 Mbit/s are available. The FLX42 G2 Module provides independent channel filtering and provides status and error information to the user.

    • When monitoring FlexRay™ based messages
    • When interfacing with FlexRay™ based sensors


    • 2 dependent channels configured as:
      • Dual Channel Device or
      • Single Channel Device (connector 2 disabled)
    • Compatible with FlexRay™ Protocol Specification V2.1A and FlexRay™ Electrical Physical Layer Specification V2.1A
    • 3 modes of operation:
      • Operational mode – active network interaction (cold start, transmission and reception of messages enabled)
      • Listen only mode – passive network interaction (no transmission or cold start, only reception of messages)
      • Simulation or self-test mode – used for Module debugging
    • FlexRay™ Bit Rate Range of 2.5, 5, 8 or 10 Mbit/s
    • FlexRay™ messages are time-stamped with a resolution of 62.5 ns
    • Configurable cold start
    • Software selectable 110 Ω termination per channel
    • Lemo 7-way EHG.0B connectors
    • 9-way D-sub connectors are provided with FLXB20 SubModules