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    Where to use

    The ICP42S G2 Module can be used with ICP® based accelerometers, force and pressure sensors as well as to measure analog voltages. All 4 channels operate independently of each other, each with their own setting of mode, gain and coupling. The ICP42S G2 furthers the ICP42 G2 by sharing many of the same features and advancing others.

    • With any ICP® based sensor commonly used to measure vibration, acceleration, force or pressure
    • With any voltage source up to ±60 V in voltage input mode


    • 4 channels
    • 2 input modes of operation:
      • ICP® mode with 4 mA, 8 mA or 12 mA constant current at ±12 V or 24 V excitation
      • Voltage input mode with AC or DC coupling
    • Supports TEDS IEEE 1451.4 V0.9, V1.0 (Class 1)
    • 24-bit resolution, 204.8 kSa/s sampling rate per channel, 90 kHz bandwidth
    • <0.2° @ 10 kHz phase accuracy between channels of the same or any other Module
    • ±(60 V, 10 V, 1 V and 100 mV) input ranges
    • There are 3 distinctive input mode options for both ICP® and voltage input modes:
      • Differential or Balanced Float (ICP® mode provides ±12 V excitation)
      • Single-Ended or Unbalanced Float (ICP® mode provides 24 V excitation)
      • Single-Ended or Unbalanced Ground  (ICP® mode provides 24 V excitation)
    • Short and open circuit cable monitoring
    • Signal integrity circuit continuously monitors the input and disconnects sensitive circuits during overload conditions
    • Pre and post filter overflow monitoring
    • Selectable low and high pass digital filters
    • 2 MΩ differential and 1 MΩ single-ended input impedance
    • Lemo 3-way EHG.0B connectors