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IRG42 G2


    Where to use

    In addition to the same internal GPS functionality as in the GPS42 G2, the IRG42 G2 Module provides an additional functional unit of being able to interface to IRIG. Here IRIG-A and IRIG-B data (both analog and digital formats) are digitized by a high speed ADC and decoded. The external IRIG data is time-stamped to synchronize its data with other Modules in the same system.The IRG42 G2 can also be used for synchronization purposes. Here the IRG42 G2 Module provides the G2 System Controller with a signal to align its internal clock. Mainframes with this capability are able to sychronize with one another (limited only by the customer’s installed IRIG facility).

    • Synchronization of numerous channels over multiple Mainframes
    • When requiring time and other IRIG based information to synchronize other measurements



    • See GPS42 G2 for more details


    • Operation modes include:
      • Internal IRIG receiver mode
      • Serial data and timing interface for possible future application
    • IRIG Formats supported: A003, A133, B003, B123
    • Time-stamping of IRIG messages to 5 µs resolution
    • IRIG synchronization of Mainframes in the same PAK MKII System is provided as an alternative to the fibre-optic based SyncLink cables between Mainframes. An IRG42 G2 Module is required inside each Mainframe that forms part of a synchronized system
    • SMB connector for IRIG