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PAK – XML Report Generation @ Data Viewing

PAK Tip 146 - March 2021

PAK Tip 146 - XML Report Generation @ Data Viewing
Download (pdf, 2 MB)

The purpose of this PAK Tip is to explain the generation of XML reports from "Data Viewing" in the PAK software.


XML is a markup language used to define computer formats, represent, and formalize data and information.

We will show you how to generate with PAK an XML file that contains the measurement data information, from the "Data Viewing". This “report” can be visualized in this same “Data Viewing” (quick check of typical values), in a web browser or any other third-party software that can read this type of data (for formatting, calculations on the data, etc.).

The goal is to create an XML file that can be formatted to display descriptive data as well as measurements.


The generation of XML from “Data Viewing” is managed by PAK according to the standard.

The generation of the report is managed by the user by coding the reading and retrieval of data / information (XSL file).

The formatted output data can be addressed by a web browser, inside PAK, or written to an XML file, which can be used by other software.

The whole PAK Tip 146 is available by downloading the pdf:

PAK Tip 146 - XML Report Generation @ Data Viewing
Download (pdf, 2 MB)


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