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PAK TIP 145 | 2021.01: PAK capture 3.3 Online FFT

Introduces the "FFT ONLINE" functionality available in the CAPTURE 3.3 application in the "Recording" mode

Download (pdf, 2 MB)
PAK Tip 140 | 2020.05: PAK Pulse Correction

Correct and improve the speed / speed signals

Download (pdf, 1 MB)
PAK Tip 139 | 2020.04: Calibration Window Options

Configuration of calibration window options of PAK software for everyday use (microphones / accelerometers)

Download (pdf, 1 MB)
PAK Tip 137 | 2020.02: PAK Main - General Options

Options commonly used when measuring with PAK from the main software window

Download (pdf, 1 MB)
PAK Tip 133 | 2019.10: Too high Data Rate: Troubleshooting

Describes a list of reasons and solutions when too high data rate interrupts a measurement

Download (pdf, 696 KB)
PAK Tip 132 | 2019.09: Throughput Synchronization

Presents the throughput synchronization window which allows to combine/synchronize several throughput measurements together

Download (pdf, 893 KB)
PAK Tip 130 | 2019.07: Tacho Oscilloscope

Thanks to the "tacho oscilloscope" window, users can see the voltage signal from a tacho sensor and modify interactively the tacho settings

Download (pdf, 949 KB)
PAK Tip 122 | 2018.11: Online Maximum with Arithmetic

How to calculate a maximum online during measurement

Download (pdf, 1 MB)
PAK Tip 114 | 2018.03: Order Calculation

Explains the different methods to calculate an order in PAK

Download (pdf, 785 KB)
PAK Tip 113 | 2018.02: GPS

How to measure and display GPS information

Download (pdf, 915 KB)
PAK Tip 106 | 2017.07: Virtual Channels

-How to create and use virtual channels during a measurement or a post-processing

Download (pdf, 957 KB)
PAK Tip 104 | 2017.05: Track quantity editor

This tip shows a new functionality of PAK5.9 named "Track quantity editor".

Download (pdf, 1 MB)
PAK Tip 103 | 2017.04: Impact measurement

This tip allows you to discover the "impat measurement module" of PAK.

Download (pdf, 745 KB)

Graphic Definition / Graphic Viewer

PAK Tip 152 | 2022.03: E-mobility related analyses

The purpose of this PAK Tip is to present one of the features of the PAK license “E-Mobility related analyses” (“AP_E_MOBILITY”): “Order Frequency Offset”.

Download (pdf, 2 MB)
PAK Tip 151 | 2022.01: Custom Variables Dialog

Introduces the newly available “Custom Variables Dialog” feature in the “Graphic Viewer”

Download (pdf, 2 MB)
PAK Tip 150 | 2021.11: Measurement Series Statistic

Introduces the newly available "Measurement Series Statistic" feature in the "Graphic Definition"

Download (pdf, 1 MB)
PAK Tip 143 | 2020.09: Copy Data

Explains the "Copy Data" functionality allowing for quickly copying the data displayed in a 2D diagram

Download (pdf, 1 MB)
PAK Tip 141 | 2020.06: FIR / IIR Filtering

Use of FIR and IIR filters in PAK software

Download (pdf, 1 MB)
PAK Tip 138 | 2020.03: PAK Audio Features

Some audio features, in particular "Audio hearing: graphics + data browser" / "Playback during measurement" / "Acoustic Design"

Download (pdf, 3 MB)
PAK Tip 129 | 2019.06: Data Correction

Presents the "data correction" feature - a functionality of the graphic definition. Data correction can be used when measurement steps have to be removed from the measurement

Download (pdf, 1 MB)
PAK Tip 128 | 2019.05: Statistics on Tracking

Presents the statistical calculation menu of the "Tack Parameter" tab when displaying a measurement in the "Graphic Definition"

Download (pdf, 1,006 KB)
PAK Tip 125 | 2019.02: Sharing of Graphic Output

How to share easily graphic output

Download (pdf, 787 KB)
PAK Tip 124 | 2019.01: Audio Design

In the Audio Design module, filters are defined and applied to the original throughput data. The filters can be played back and saved as a throughput measurement.

Download (pdf, 774 KB)
PAK Tip 123 | 2018.12: Audio Mode

Explains a "Graphic Definition" feature dedicated for audio

Download (pdf, 1 MB)
PAK Tip 120 | 2018.09: Measurement Comparisons

Explore 3 methods to compare measurements in PAK including the advantages and disadvantages of each method

Download (pdf, 991 KB)
PAK Tip 117 | 2018.06: Octave/Orders from FFT

Recalculate orders by FFT or octaves by FFT from the throughput when streaming data

Download (pdf, 729 KB)
PAK Tip 102 | 2017.03: "value_cmapped" variable

This tip presents a useful variable, named value_cmapped. This variable is able to extract the X or Y values of all the curves at the cursor place.

Download (pdf, 793 KB)
PAK Tip 101 | 2017.02: Statistical evaluation of time blocks

In this PAK tip, we will show how to make a statistical evaluation like maximum, minimum, standard deviation etc. on time blocks.

Download (pdf, 689 KB)


PAK Tip 155 | 2022.09: Maximum online with Arithmetic

With the Arithmetic module, perform some calculations in real time to display one or more values depending only on the signal already acquired.

Download (pdf, 1 MB)
PAK Tip 153 | 2022.05: Conditional instructions in Arithmetic

Discover how to use conditional statements IF / ELSE / WHILE in the formulas of "Arithmetic" module.

Download (pdf, 1 MB)
PAK Tip 148 | 2021.07: PAK Arithmetic - Free Formula Parameters

Vary parameters in a predefined way by using the "Free formula parameters" functionality of the Arithmetic module

Download (pdf, 990 KB)
PAK Tip 119 | 2018.08: Graphic with Tracking Function

Discover a feature of the graphic definition: the "Function" option available as tracking parameter

Download (pdf, 1 MB)


PAK Tip 154 | 2022.07: VAS Graphics2Go

Use PAK's interactive graphical features directly under Windows via the "VAS Graphics2Go" module

Download (pdf, 1 MB)
PAK Tip 149 | 2021.09: PAK 6.0 - Cursor Range & Diagram Labels

Learn more about the newly available graphic variable “cursor range” and the “diagram labels” function

Download (pdf, 1 MB)
PAK Tip 142 | 2020.07: Automatic Addition of a PAK graphic in PowerPoint

How to automatically add a PAK graphic in PowerPoint with the "Append graphic display to PowerPoint" feature

Download (pdf, 1 MB)
PAK Tip 135 | 2019.12: Channel Settings - Sizing

Explore functionalities to correctly resize the "channel settings" table

Download (pdf, 788 KB)
PAK Tip 131 | 2019.08: Color Tables

Explains the "Color tables" window allowing to personalize the Campbell graphics colors

Download (pdf, 1 MB)
PAK Tip 127 | 2019.04: Default Layout in Data Viewing

How to define a default layout for graphics in the "Data Viewing"

Download (pdf, 790 KB)
PAK Tip 126 | 2019.03: Default Settings for Curves

How to define default settings for curves

Download (pdf, 702 KB)
PAK Tip 112 | 2018.01: Legend

Create a personalized legend easily and quickly without a layout in the graphics

Download (pdf, 800 KB)

Automation / Export

PAK Tip 147 | 2021.05: PAK Channel Overview

How to us the "Channel Overview" function to access measurement information and to quickly display analyzes representable in 2D

Download (pdf, 1 MB)
PAK TIP 146 | 2021.03: PAK XML Report Generation @ Data Viewing

Explains the generation of XML reports from "Data Viewing" in the PAK software

Download (pdf, 2 MB)
PAK Tip 118 | 2018.07: ATFx in Graphic Sequence

How to use the "Graphic Sequence" with ATFx measurements in order to plot, export or print analysis

Download (pdf, 836 KB)
PAK Tip 116 | 2018.05: Triax Iteration - Graphic Sequence

Create a graphic sequence in order to display triax sensors

Download (pdf, 902 KB)

Administration / Data Management

PAK Tip 147 | 2021.05: PAK Channel Overview

How to us the "Channel Overview" function to access measurement information and to quickly display analyzes representable in 2D

Download (pdf, 1 MB)
PAK TIP 144 | 2020.11: PAK Equipment Manager & PAK capture 3.3

How to use the Equipment Manager with PAK 5.11 SR4 and PAK capture 3.3 for an effection administration of sensors and sensor information

Download (pdf, 2 MB)
PAK Tip 134 | 2019.11: Tools: Lock/Unlock

Experience the functionality « Lock/Unlock »

Download (pdf, 705 KB)
PAK Tip 121 | 2018.10: Merge Analyses Data

Presents the "Merge Analyses Data" window and its functionalities

Download (pdf, 890 KB)