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    Where to use

    Four high speed ICP® based Modules are integrated with an SC42S Signal Conditioning board to provide a single Compound-Module, the ICM42S. This provides 16 ICP® or voltage input mode channels as well as 16 monitoring output channels.

    • With any ICP® based sensor commonly used to measure acceleration, force or pressure
    • With any voltage source up to ±10 V in voltage input mode
    • When the conditioned input signal needs to be provided to external equipment


    • 16 channels
    • 2 input modes of operation:
      • ICP® mode with 4 mA constant current at ±12 V excitation
      • Voltage input mode with AC or DC coupling
    • 16 monitoring output channels of conditioned signal inputs
    • Supports TEDS IEEE 1451.4 V0.9, V1.0 (Class 1)
    • 24-bit resolution, 204.8 kSa/s sampling rate per channel, 90 kHz bandwidth
    • <0.2° @ 10 kHz phase accuracy between channels of the same or any other Module
    • ±(10 V, 1 V and 100 mV) input ranges
    • There are 3 distinctive input mode options:
      • Differential or Balanced Float (ICP® mode provides ±12 V excitation) for both ICP® and voltage input modes
      • Single-Ended or Unbalanced Float for voltage input mode
      • Single-Ended or Unbalanced Ground for voltage input mode
    • Short and open circuit cable monitoring
    • Signal integrity circuit continuously monitors the input and disconnects sensitive circuits during overload conditions
    • Pre and post filter overflow monitoring
    • Selectable low and high pass digital filters
    • 2 MΩ differential and 1 MΩ single-ended input impedance
    • Input channels use a DB50 for 16 input channels
    • Monitoring channels use 4 Lemo 7 way EHG.0B connectors
    • An option is available providing 8 mA constant current and 2 Lemo 16-way EGG.1B way connectors for monitoring channels