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PQ30 G2


    Where to use

    The PQ30 G2 is the top of the line Combined System Controller and Power Supply board, clearly benchmarking high end controller performance. As a powerful dual function board combining a VMEbus System Controller, Master, Arbiter and Interrupt Handler with VMEbus Power Supply, the PQ30 G2 can be used in all Mainframes. It is particularly suited to Mainframes when higher data rates or larger additional processor  capability is required. Options include WLAN IEEE 802.11n for communication to external devices (including smart devices) as well as an internal Solid-State Disk (SSD) for local storage.


    • Combined VMEbus System Controller Master, Arbiter and Interrupt Handler
    • Supports 2eVME standard
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • Advanced computational ability
    • SyncLink input for synchronization in a Cluster or SuperCluster
    • Multipurpose Serial-Timing-Power (STP) port for a MiniTerminal, synchronization to external devices as well as providing 5 and 12 V to external devices
    • VMEbus Power Supply
    • 10-30 VDC input from external power source
    • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) between external power and internal battery
    • Input power protection circuitry with over-voltage and under-voltage lockout
    • Fast battery charger for internal battery
    • Comprehensive monitoring of internal power supply circuits
    • Power on/off function via front panel or MiniTerminal
    • Automatic power up capability
    • Web server providing information and control functions