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PAK tunes | Getting Started

PAK tunes is the free software for the data exchange and firmware updates. It provides both a gateway to transfer the recorded data from the frontend to the network and a convenient interface for maintaining the PAK MKII’s or MicroQ's software and hardware. 

Getting started with PAK tunes

Pre-condition for downloading updates with PAK tunes is a connection to the internet. Pre-condition for operating PAK tunes with the PAK MKII is a Wi-Fi connection between your computer and the PAK MKII. You can use two network adapters providing both connections at the same time, or you might switch between the internet connection and the connection to the PAK MKII.

Please pay attention to the network settings.

für Windows® , 75 MB:  PAK TUNES

Download von PAK capture und PAK capture Lab

Apple® App Store™:    PAK CAPTURE    PAK CAPTURE LAB