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Interview Iris Strunk

Iris Strunk, Support Engineer, Support

Iris Strunk

Briefly outline your professional career.

When I started my studies in environmental technology, I never thought I would do anything with measurement technology, software and cars ... many coincidences have led me to my current job. For over 9 years now I have been enjoying my job and learning new things every day.

How come you joined MBBM-VAS?

During my diploma thesis in the automotive industry, I met a good friend who worked for MBBM-VAS and recommended the company to me. She told me about her varied tasks with a lot of personal responsibility.

What do you appreciate most about your work?

My work is very diverse: I take on projects on my responsibility, but also participate in many teams, I do office work in  a collegial environment but also client  appointments in test bench environments.

What distinguishes MBBM-VAS as a special employer?

At MBBM-VAS, the focus is on us employees. Much is made possible for the reconciliation of work and family. For private reasons it allowed me to flexibly adjust my location; upon return from my maternity leave I may flexibly adjust my working hours accordingly to my tasks.

Which highlight or project can you remember particularly well?

I have already looked after several large test benches in the automotive industry. It is always fascinating to see how complex the test benches are and which extensive tasks our customers solve with the PAK system. It makes me proud once we have successfully put the test bench into operation and the customer can master his task with individual solutions.