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Analysis of Transient Signals

Evaluation of pulse-like excitation in the frequency domain

For the analysis of very short, pulse-like signals, the standard frequency evaluation with the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) reaches its limits. If you want to investigate signals containing pulse-like components, you can use short-term analyses such as wavelets and Wigner-Ville.

As an example, a door-closing noise can be analyzed very well with wavelets, since such a noise in the low-frequency range contains components that must be resolved precisely according to frequency, but for which temporal localization is of secondary importance. A good localization in time is necessary in the higher-frequency range, since pulse-like components of the door lock mechanism come into play here and have to be analyzed .

The training "Analysis of transient signals" offers you the opportunity to discuss the results of the short-term analyses on exemplary data evaluations and to familiarize yourself with the theoretical background of wavelet transformations and Wigner-Ville distributions. The training starts with an overview of the short-term analyses in PAK, which can be classified together with the FFT into the "time-frequency analyses". 

As an example, each participant can evaluate the door closing noise of a motor vehicle. You will then receive an introduction to the theory of wavelet transformation. Each participant can bring his or her own PAK measurement data to the training. In this practical part, we can then evaluate the measurement data. The seminar concludes with an introduction to the theory of Wigner-Ville distribution .

Selected training contents

    • Introduction to short-term analyses using graphic illustrations of properties
    • Example: Investigation of door closing noises of a motor vehicle
    • Introduction to the essential contents of wavelet theory
    • Analysis of measurement data
    • Introduction to the theory of the Cohen class (Wigner-Ville, Choi-Williams)


  • Sound knowledge in the theory of FFT
  • Course language: German


  • PAK users who wish to extend their knowledge of signal analysis to short-term analyses

Seminar dates

On request; please contact us.