Your direct contact to us

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+49 (89) 264860-0

We accompany you throughout the entire lifecycle of your PAK systems with appropriate services. 

This ensures that your investment is secure, and you can enjoy the consistent readiness.



Your measuring technology solution should work flawlessly and always stay up to date. Therefore, we have developed scalable services for its maintenance, which are aligned to your requirements.

We accompany you as a partner around your measurement requirements with excellent knowledge of the respective system environment.

Besides maintenance services, you benefit from a wide range of supplementary services that are individually tailored to your needs. These include workshops, on-site services, PAK consultation hours, troubleshooting for measurement tasks, application consulting and much more.

Software maintenance

We offer two service options tailored to your needs – for maximum flexibility:

  • Update service
    Continuous updating of software products of the PAK family with main versions and service releases
  • Hotline-Service
    Update service plus access to the technical hotline for fast and competent support of your users in technical issues

The partner portal with the latest versions and information about the products of the PAK family are available for both services.

Hardware maintenance

All around the hardware, you benefit from precisely tailored services.

  • Hardware maintenance contract
    The maintenance contract for PAK MKII and MicroQ frontends is a supplement to the hotline service. You can use the hotline to obtain further system diagnosis by telephone for each error message.
  • Repair & Calibration
    If repair of the hardware should be necessary, we will do it in-house. For a flat annual fee, we guarantee that you can be again operational within a very short time. This ensures consistent availability of your measuring equipment and system quality which can be supplemented by regular calibrations.



We attach great importance to professional services: At our hotline you will talk to system experts who will answer all your measurement questions quickly and competently. This ensures your operational reliability.

Your direct contact to our system experts:

  • E-Mail: and via the Hotline Form in the Partner-Portal
    (Monday to Friday: 08:00-17:00 h ME(S)Z, except public holidays in Bavaria as well as 24 and 31 Dec. of a year)
  • Exclusively for malfunctions that prevent operation via telephone: +49 89 264860-440 
    (Monday to Friday: 09:00-12:00 h and 13:00-16:00 h ME(S)Z, except public holidays in Bavaria as well as 24 and 31 Dec. of a year)

If we can support you with a remote maintenance or a common web session, we offer you an exchange via TeamViewer™. You can download the corresponding QuickSupport software from TeamViewer AG, Germany, here!

Targeted Troubleshooting

In addition to the PAK software and the PAK MKII or MicroQ frontends, a measurement system also includes other components such as the sensors, the computer, the network, or virus scanners and firewalls. Our hotline supports you by answering specific questions, quickly pinpointing the actual cause of the error and advises you on how to proceed.

Premium option

Sometimes it makes sense to set up a customized customer support hotline for your company only. The specially trained staff who have broad experience in signal analysis will then know exactly your current measurement environment and will be familiar with your requirements.

Customizing & Deployment

Customizing & Deployment

To ensure that your measuring technology solution functions flawlessly from the very beginning, our support engineers assist you in integrating the PAK measuring and evaluation systems into your (IT) system landscape and commissioning them on site.

Engineers are familiar with complex system environments and know how to seamlessly integrate test and validation functions.


  • Tailor-made combination of software and hardware components and corresponding distribution or integration into system landscapes
  • Software adaptations and enhancements for standardization and automation of processes


  • Creation and customization of special configuration files and advanced arithmetic
  • Creation of specific input masks for exactly defined measurement sequences



The PAK MKII and MicroQ hardware boasts the highest possible quality system, but components can age over time and become defective. To measure again as quickly as possible, we use “repair by replacement“ as a standard. The defective module is replaced by a newly calibrated module with the same technical characteristics.

We can also repair the defective hardware without replacing it.

In particularly urgent cases, we can make an advance exchange, which immediately restores your measuring capability. For a fee we will then send you a replacement component via express delivery, if the remote diagnosis by our hotline experts suggests that the original component is defective.