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PAK 6.x

Powerful NVH Suite

PAK 6.x is a powerful software suite for the acquisition, analysis, evaluation and management of dynamic data with a focus on acoustics and vibration (NVH).

Leading in acoustics and vibration

Capture dynamic data quickly, easily and with highest precision, evaluate in a target-oriented manner and document sustainably. PAK is a powerful NVH suite with integral functions for the best possible representation of all vibroacoustic validations.

PAK offers the definition and configuration of channels for data acquisition, allows for a clear visualization of the acquired data in real time or in post-processing and supports the evaluation of measurement data with a variety of versatile modules. Similar to the PAK MKII hardware, PAK 6.x is also modular and scalable and offers a wide range of analyses with a comprehensive graphic definition for powerful reporting.

Universally applicable and easy to operate

The power of the PAK measurement and analysis software lies in its functional diversity. With this comprehensive  suite, acquiring physical data, preparing it with a variety of analyses and archiving it become easy tasks, even for occasional users.

PAK stands for integrated workflow solutions when it comes to the testing of dynamic data. You will benefit from a tailor-made support for your measurement task. PAK is the choice for all process steps, from recording to archiving your data.

Holistic Workflow Solutions

PAK offers the configuration of channels for data acquisition and allows for a variety of interactions.
These include for example …


  • Direct online visualization of measured quantities and spectral evaluations
  • Real-time analysis with different data types and multiple sampling rates
  • Powerful reportings with meaningful graphical functions
  • Variety of analyses for mobile and test bench measurements, standardized or complex tasks, for troubleshooting and fingerprints
  • Simplicity in workflows from setup to measurement
  • Position orientation in the measurement task
  • Monitoring of test candidate's behavior
  • Order orientation for direct project access
  • ASAM ODS 6.0 conformity through native support of ASAM ODS NVH ATF/XML as well as multiple standard formats for import and export of measurement data
  • Tailor-made for the execution of special measurement tasks
  • Individual user interfaces for an optimized usability dedicated to the user and application
  • and much more

Some Insights

Precise Acquisition

  • Measurement through multiple track parameter
  • Control by various additional conditions or the measurement in special applications

  • Graphical visualization of measurement data during acquisition
  • Integrated equipment manager, measurement catalogues, etc. 


  • Analysis of acoustic- and vibration-related phenomena
  • Analysis of pwoer-related phenomena
  • Evaluations and analyses in time and angle domain
  • Extensive calculation and processing options for data
  • Interactive coupling of measurement data across diagrams

Strong Reporting

  • Automized generation of standard reports directly after the measurement
  • Customizable reports with individual presentation options (graphics, diagrams, layouts, etc.)
  • Graphic streaming
  • Standard data formats for import / export, open data format: ASAM ODS ATF/X