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Mobile measurements

Mobility for all tasks

Mobile measurement, be it for troubleshooting, benchmarking or in release processes, is part of the everyday life for NVH engineers. Here, various tools in the form of measurement systems with different numbers of channels and different online analysis depths are used.

More options

Easy setup

The demands of users are changing. The focus is still on a high data quality; however, results must now come faster and efficiently.

With the tools of the PAK family, you can prepare measurement campaigns with little effort. You do measurements comprehensively or modify quickly the setup directly on site.

You can easily extend measurement frontends in the number of channels and synchronize with other measurement frontends. The PAK software scales according to your needs. Users can add further analysis modules and thus get a holistic NVH suite.


Being mobile and having all the comforts of measuring and analyzing at your fingertips? – PAK family solutions take your testing to a new mobility level.

Efficient data acquisition and maximum freedom in analyzing and managing measurement data make the difference.




At a glance

Field testing
  • Configure your measurement, calibrate sensors and check signals on-site at the test candidate
  • Work in parallel with multiple data sources through PAK live
  • Record and stream raw time data and tacho pulses in ASAM ODS ATF/X format
  • Display data using a powerful FFT analysis
  • Interact with data online and offline
  • Smart data management with cloud services


The aim of our system solutions is always to make everyday testing more efficient so you can concentrate on your tasks. Such a process can be tailor-made for the applications and flexibly adapted to your customer needs.

We offer a compact and robust system for fast data acquisition, powerful data analysis and the graphical presentation of the results. It is the perfect tool that further enhances mobility in testing; it grows with the task.


We want to meet this requirement with our order-based approach. For this purpose, all information relevant for the measurement, such as measurement variables, measurement positions, measuring equipment, descriptive variables, trigger conditions and measurement cycles, are already compiled in advance and combined into an order. This order is transferred to the frontend, which then preconfigures itself automatically.

With a smart device, you can of course also adjust the setups directly at the test candidate or connect the measurement equipment and sensors to measurement positions. Individual cycles can be selected during the measurement campaign. Measurements can be started "on-the-fly".

At the end of the measurement campaign, the data is transferred from the frontend to the cloud for archiving and further analysis. With the PAK software, a holistic suite for NVH analyses is available.