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No matter if product highlights, getting-started, or solutions for testing and measurement data management – be up to date with our free LIVE webinars! We are looking forward to welcoming you to learn more about the latest technologies, tools and workflows.
All webinars are conducted by experienced specialists. The interactive sessions are characterized by know-how, actuality, and practical relevance. You benefit from compact knowledge, recommendations for your work and live sessions for ideas on dedicated issues. 


  • Duration: 60 min,
    Start time: time zone GMT+2 (Berlin)
  • Specialized knowledge,
    compactly presented by experts
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Topics at Hand

PAK capture

PAK capture 3.4 – mobilE MEASUREMENTS

Smart testing workflows for mobile data acquisition

  • Workflows with measurement tasks and test plans
  • Roundtrip with PAK 6.0 for data analyses
  • Enhancements in the application, e.g. arming/disarming of triggers via Flic 2 button, project-specific measurement browsing, sensor assignments
Blocked Force (TPS) + Dynamic Substructuring

Blocked Force (TPA) + Dyn. Substructuring

Blocked Force (TPA) and Dynamic Substructuring Example Case

  • Short introduction to Blocked Forces, test based models and Substructuring
  • How to setup and assess the quality of a test based model 
  • Example of Blocked Force Identification on a vehicle component
  • Example of an Experimental Dynamics Substructuring analysis on a vehicle
  • Virtual optimization of the vehicle using the BF loads and the vehicle model
Silent Drive


Power quantities in correlation with NVH data. E-NVH & E-Power

  • Simultaneous acquisition of current and voltage signals and NVH quantities, especially on drives with inverters (including sampling rate, phase synchronicity, cycle calculation)
  • Online EtherCAT integration of the test field for raw and analysis data
  • Park transformation for correlation of NVH and performance data
  • Analysis of test bench, performance and NVH parameters of a three-phase, inverter-controlled synchronous motor


PAK 6.0: GraPHiC Highlights

New features in the graphic definition of PAK 6.0

  • Interactive analysis of spectra and level curves using statistics graphic variables and double cursor: minimum, maximum, averaging
  • Modulation analysis from raw time data for stationary and non-stationary signals
  • New filter options for channel and position lists in the data definition, enhancements for legends and text fields

PAK 6.0: Measurements With PAK live

Powerful data acquisition with PAK live

  • Introduction of new measurement interface
  • Workflows and PAK live connection
  • Parameter for measurement chain, pre-processing, analyses, track quantities
PAK cloud

PAK CLOUD.  The cloud that can also do NVH!

New possibilities for an efficient measurement data management

  • Structuring, processing, and managing physical data with intelligent services
  • Search and filter
  • Streaming of measurement data

operationaL Transfer pAth AnalysiS

Analysis of airborne and structure-borne noise path contributions with the OTPA

  • OTPA of tire rolling noise and engine noise
  • Explanation of the OTPA principle
  • Measurement positions and results, useful analysis tools, and Response Modification Analysis (RMA)

RotationAL analysiS Fundamentals

Performing accurate NVH analysis of rotating machinery

  • RPM measurement and processing techniques
  • Harmonics & Order analysis by Fourier and Digital Resampling
  • Signal display in the angular domain, rotational vibration & torsion


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