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Clever and easy

Innovation begins with an idea. The revolutionary idea behind MicroQ is the combination of process orientation, signal quality and compactness in the frontend. This is made possible by the interaction of the smart frontend with intelligent cloud services tailored to NVH applications. Simply switch on, measure and, if required, retrieve all relevant information at the push of a button, wherever you are.


Performance in the smallest space

MicroQ is the ultra-mobile measurement frontend that sets new standards. It combines innovative technologies and intelligence with compact size, delivering unsurpassed data quality and signal integrity. Easy to use, with all functions on-board and modular in the channels. Thanks to battery operation, time and location information and CAN FD, MicroQ is perfect for use on the go.

PAK capture + cloud

Perfect teamwork

The integration of the MicroQ with cloud technologies accelerates and automates the measurement. In combination with the PAK cloud, you benefit from an intelligent measurement data management that covers all process steps: from commissioning to the measurement itself to archiving. Simply load the order, allocate the sensors, and data capture and storage can begin.

PAK capture - driving

Individually in use

The PAK capture App is the interface to the data that is streamed and captured in the ASAM ODS ATFX format. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, you can easily configure, calibrate, check and measure signals, at the push of a button or automatically according to trigger conditions.

Built-In Independence

  • 2x CANCAN and CAN FD
  • 2x Tacho(20 ns, 1 MPulse/s)
  • GPSPosition and Time
  • PTPIEEE 1588 v2
  • DC + PoEPower Supply
  • 128 GBSSD on board
  • IntelligentActive Power Management
  • Modularch for ICP®, voltage, charge, strain, temperature, microphone, pressure
MicroQ & DockQ

Mobility changes Testing

DockQ: More power, more security.

DockQ makes working with the MicroQ even more effective: charge batteries and at the same time securely upload and download data at defined locations.


Powerful batteries optimize the range. The external batteries for the MicroQ can be easily connected, are hot-swappable and extend the operating time by up to two hours.