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PAK cloud

Breaking new ground

Today, validations must be fast, efficient and traceable whilst delivering high quality data. By working consistently with smart technologies and open standards, you can accelerate your engineering tasks. At the same time, you create synergies in data management.

PAK cloud paves the way. Specifically designed to capture dynamic and physical data, this innovative cloud is perfect for NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) data. As a toolbox for measurement data management, PAK cloud combines a wide range of services of dynamic measurement data based on the ASAM ODS data format.

An innovative Cloud – MANY ADVANTAGeS

We provide the infrastructure that enables you to access data in a standardized and efficient manner across multiple data sources and applications. This is the basis for sustainable data management based on cloud technologies.

Selected PAK cloud services

  • Order: Order creation including sensors, measured variables, positions, measuring cycle, test object
  • Depot: Search data, data storage including descriptive data with data qualification
  • Streaming: Worldwide data access in wrap speed
  • Processing: Quick data assessment and visualization of NVH phenomena
  • Archiving: Automated delivery of data to archive systems


Dive into new possibilities

Interactive and functional – this is how the user interface of PAK cloud appears. Powerful search functions, flexible filters and a design for maximized usability guarantee an efficient measurement data management.


Safety meets performance

Your PAK cloud stands for modern privacy standards and security mechanisms. You can even process large amounts of data efficiently and in a protected environment.

Customized hosting

PAK cloud is available as a cloud hosted in AWS or as an Enterprise Edition for installation in your individual company infrastructure.

Open ecosystem

PAK cloud has standardized interfaces through which you can integrate additive components and services at any time. That's how your cloud solution grows with your needs. The open API guarantees maximum scalability.

Roles, rights and authentication

The integrated role and rights management and user authentication guarantee the availability of data and services for authorized users.

Scalable platform

  • Embedded Services for data depots, orders, archiving and much more
  • Standard data format ASAM ODS ATF/X
  • Interface to openMDM® 5

One order, one process

The order service enables geometry-based validation – automated and process-reliable. An order contains for example measuring instruments and measured quantities, measuring object and measuring sequence, measuring and analysis method and the results or deliverables. You always have everything in view and bundled in one place. Trust the quality of your data without restrictions.

Holistic system strategy

We combine our many years of know-how in the field of capturing, analyzing and managing highly accurate, high-frequency physical data on an open platform with a high level of IT competence in cloud services in data management.