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VAS Graphics2Go

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VAS Graphics2Go is an interactive tool that makes PAK graphics usable outside of PAK environments and qualitatively improves communication in projects. Users worldwide can work together with the analysis data of a measurement campaign – without having installed the entire PAK software.

Interactive & DYNAMIc

Use PAK's interactive graphics functionality directly in Microsoft® Office – VAS Graphics2Go enables you to "take graphics with you". As a plug-in, it seamlessly integrates itself into Microsoft® PowerPoint® and Microsoft® Word, enabling the use of most PAK graphic functionalities even without having the PAK Software installed. For example, raw time data can be played back acoustically, or diagrams can be viewed, zoomed and rescaled. The concatenations, zoom functions and graphic functions defined in the PAK graphic are retained in this interactive format.

In this way, simple Office documents become sophisticated measurement reports that serve as conclusive analysis results. Static PowerPoint® presentations are upgraded to dynamic animations that take full advantage of interactive graphics to present technical issues clearly and convincingly. Measurement results can thus be efficiently presented to a circle of decision-makers.

At a glance

VAS Graphics2Go - Diagram
  • Transfer test results in the form of an interactive report
  • The interactive graphic reports can be integrated in Microsoft® PowerPoint® or Word® with full functionality
  • Graphic Presets
  • Direct access to graphic functions and measurement information
  • Playback of the displayed graphics
  • Data transfer via Windows® clipboard