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Culture & Insights

“We have always placed trust in our employees. We are good at analysis and we are creative. This requires a great deal of freedom.“

Helmut A. Müller, founder


We enable room for development and creativity 


Team player out of passion

With over 100 employees, we are a fast-growing medium-sized company in the economically prosperous south-west of Munich. Five international sales subsidiaries and long-standing sales partners belong to us, together we are part of the renowned Müller-BBM Group.

We maintain a working culture of short distances and open doors. An appreciative, cooperative approach and a lively exchange characterize our cooperation - here in Munich and with our colleagues from all over the world.

A climate that promotes innovation

The founding father of Müller-BBM, Helmut A. Müller, together with his colleagues, has built up a unique business environment in which "with lasting economic success, we design the work reality to be meaningful to the individual and conducive to individual development." (Prof. Dr. Gerhard Müller, Chairman of the supervisory board)

This is still true today. We create a climate where innovation becomes possible. Because we offer freedom, put trust in each individual, give new ideas the time they need to grow.

Technology enthusiastic pioneers

With us you have the chance to transform your ideas into future-oriented technologies, whether in development, in support, in sales or in other areas. Your creativity and your interest in innovative solutions are the prerequisites for our success today and in the future.

Driving force in the industry

As an internationally active system provider, we want to shape and change the world of validation and sustainable testing. Together with our customers we look beyond the here and now. We focus on highest quality and user-friendliness and see ourselves as a development partner for innovations that inspire.

Our aim is to actively accompany the digitization of development throughout the industry and to set new impulses. This includes the advancement of networking, IoT and standardization. We fundamentally rethink processes. Our solutions for the new testing are scalable, cloud-based platforms for measurement data that integrate seamlessly into existing system landscapes and form dynamic ecosystems.



Joy, enthusiasm and the pursuit of the highest quality are the driving forces behind our actions.


We are fair, trustworthy and helpful to our customers and colleagues alike. We listen to each other, engage with one another and develop the best solution together.


We are authentic, open and sincere - among ourselves and in partnership with our customers. We focus on the matter at hand.


We live change. We invest in creative ideas and look beyond the box in order to shape the future together with our customers.


We act independently, entrepreneurially and flexibly. Ethical and sustainable actions are part of our self-image.


Get to know people who fill our corporate philosophy with life every day! Everyone in their own way, everyone with their own special strengths and abilities. It is precisely this diversity that makes us so alive and creates an inspiring and motivating working atmosphere.


Our management

Günter Lang and Per Pildner von Steinburg are our CEOs and lead Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme towards the future. With many years of experience and a keen sense for the challenges of the future, they are present in our day-to-day business.

"Our technological top position is the merit of our employees - from the first idea to the mature product. We deliberately give them the freedom they need to turn visions into reality."

(Statement of the management)

Our colleagues

Our tasks are varied, exciting and colorful - and so are we ourselves! We would like to introduce some of our colleagues to you so that your future collegial environment may become more tangible.

MBBM-VAS promotes personal and professional development that enables every employee to move freely, agilely and safely in a dynamic environment.

Employee interviews

We asked our employees from various departments how they came to us and what they find appealing about their work.

"I enjoy the opportunities for personal development offered here."

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Philipp Hauptmann, Software Developer, Development

"I enjoy the freedom to plan my daily tasks independently and the feeling of trust that is conveyed, which creates a lot of room for feedback and development."

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Aurélie Dizengremel, Sales & Marketing Coordinator, MBBM-VAS France

"The company participation and the feeling of togetherness makes MBBM-VAS a special employer for me."

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Philipp Grams, Sales Engineer, Sales

"No matter how you're positioned in the hierarchy, you deal with each other at eye level, always very respectfully and friendly."

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Dilek Gümüs, Sales Assistant, Sales

"The focus is on the human being; much is made possible for the compatibility of career and family."

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Iris Strunk, Applications Engineer, Support