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Interview Dilek Gümüs

Dilek Gümüs, Sales assistant, Sales

Dilek Gümüs

Briefly outline your professional career.

Training as a computer scientist, since technology has always fascinated me. Afterwards I oriented myself towards active sales and commercial topics.

How come you joined MBBM-VAS?

Rather coincidentally, I joined the commercial administration team as a job changer. Through the support of colleagues and many seminars and further education, I have worked intensively on the topics of customs and foreign trade.


What distinguishes MBBM-VAS as a special employer?

Our social events are always very elaborate and very well planned. Since I'm a member of the organizer’s team myself, I can see how detailed and planned the approach to organizing such an event is. Our daily well-being is also taken care of, fresh fruit, daily fresh rolls & pretzels, soft drinks and coffee for free. We can easily adjust the working time models depending on our situation in life. I haven't made use of them myself yet, but whether it's home office or part-time models, the various options offer a great deal of flexibility. No matter where you are positioned in the company’s hierarchy, you deal with each other at eye level, always very respectful and friendly. 

Why did you decide in favor of  MBBM-VAS?

I'm at MBBM-VAS because I feel very comfortable here. They warmly welcome everyone into the "VAS family". I am given the freedom to organize my daily work myself and to handle it on my responsibility.

What does your current job activity look like?

My area of expertise is the sales and after-sales support of the customers. From preparing offers to invoicing, support of international back offices, monitoring and implementation of foreign trade guidelines, etc.

Why would you recommend others to join MBBM-VAS?

Anyone who likes to work independently, self-determinedly and courageously is in the right place here at VAS.