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Our goal is to actively support you as a PAK user in the daily work with our products right from the start.

Enhance knowledge

Well-founded basic knowledge and expertise in handling the PAK system are the most important components here. With our training courses we offer you the opportunity to keep your knowledge up to date and improved.

We impart application-oriented practical knowledge for practical use. Experts in the respective field of knowledge conduct the trainings. First-hand tips and tricks for optimizing PAK applications and measuring procedures are just as much a part of this as are flexible didactics, adapted to the respective training situation.

Training options

Choose from a wide range of courses from a standard training course or a training course tailored to your needs or an expert training course. We offer in-house standard training and customized training sessions. We are also happy to conduct training sessions focusing on your system and real application conditions on your premises. A specialist trainer can meet your requirements on-site.

  • Standard training courses: Does you or your entire team need basic knowledge on a topic to get an initial overview and an easy introduction to the PAK system? A standard training course is ideal for this purpose. We provide you with the most important information in a compact form.
  • Customized training: You are already working with PAK or have experience in a certain field and would now like to deepen your knowledge? Or you need training tailored to your specific needs and requirements? The optimal solution: You compile your own training catalogue of topics according to your requirements.
  • Expert training: Do you require tailor-made support and specific background knowledge to find the best solution? We accompany you with a trainer or specialist on a working day on-site at your premises, considering your real measuring conditions and support you methodically in the processing of individual tasks.
  • Web training: Would you like to participate in a web training for selected topics to learn the basic principles of the application? Take advantage of our interactive web trainings: Participants meet in a virtual training room via video, audio and desktop streaming. Our trainer gives a lecture on the topic and collaborates with you on selected examples in PAK. Based on the examples, you can adjust your computer settings. We are happy to provide you with demo licenses and PAK examples.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in our program, please let us know. We are happy to put together a program tailored to your company and your applications.

Practice-oriented courses and seminars

To offer you the highest possible quality, we always tailor our training courses to your needs. Our training sessions convey theoretical background and comprehensive user knowledge – compactly prepared and adapted to your applications.

Our trainers know your practical requirements through their many years of experience in customer service. Small study groups with up to eight people guarantee individual attention. Each participant receives comprehensive documentation and a certificate outlining all topics covered.

We offer a selection of training topics from which you can choose what is right for you or put together your training program individually. We are happy to advise you on the selection of the appropriate training for you.

The Topics at a glance


Introduction to data acquisition and analysis

PAK basic course
Basic knowledge for carrying out and analyzing measurements with the PAK system

PAK advanced course
In-depth knowledge of measurement data acquisition and analysis

Basics of NVH frequency analysis
Basic knowledge of digital data acquisition and evaluation

Further courses for your tasks

Exterior noise analysis
Introduction to the investigation of external noise with the PAK pass-by application

Transfer path analysis in acoustic engineering
Mathematical and experimental basics of the different approaches of Transfer Path Analysis

Introduction to the application of Operational Transfer Path Analysis
Determination of transfer paths of complex structures and transfer functions based on operational measurements

Analysis of rotating systems
Fundamentals, high-resolution speed measurement, analysis of rotational irregularities, angle-related analyses

Impact measurement and mode evaluation
Fundamentals of Natural Frequency Investigation and Experimental Modal Analysis

Operational deflection shape analysis
Prerequisites and types of implementation, guided exercises in application examples

Sound source analysis
Determination of sound power from sound intensity measurement and evaluation

Analysis of transient signals
Evaluation of pulse-like excitation in the frequency domain with short-term analysis methods

Measurement data analysis with PAK arithmetic
Basic knowledge for the further calculation of measurement data

Listening to and changing measurement data
Basic knowledge for listening to measurement data and identifying/changing orders


As part of our complete training program, we offer in-house training sessions on fixed dates. Upon request, we can also conduct courses on your premises. Our trainers will then train you using your own PAK systems.

Our all-day in-house training courses usually start at 9:00 am and finish at 5:00 pm. If the course you are interested in is not listed in the calendar, please contact our trainers at to arrange an individual date for the respective course.