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Introduction to the application of the Operational Transfer Path Analysis (Web Training)

Transfer paths of complex structures and transfer functions with the OTPA

In this web-training we show you how you can use the method of Operational Transfer Path Analysis (OTPA) to determine contributions of different transfer paths in the shortest time.

We provide relevant sample measurement data and proceed with the most important steps and settings in PAK. In detail, we discuss the use of Crosstalk Cancellation (CTC), the creation of a TPS network and the result visualization in the PAK graphics.

In the web training we do not discuss the acquisition of OTPA measurement data. Our experience shows an on-site workshop is better suited for this purpose. One reason for this is that on site we can carry out the relevant sensor positioning directly on your measurement object. However, in the web training we give general tips for sensor positioning.

Selected training contents

Morning 1

  • Short introduction to the OTPA
  • Setup of an OTPA analysis - part 1 (CTC)

Morning 2

  • Setup of an OTPA analysis - part 2 (TPS network and graphical visualization)
  • PCA tab and animation
  • Sensor positioning (interface levels, paths)


Course language: English


  • Knowledge of the theoretical principles of OTPA and safe handling of the PAK graphic
  • Technical requirements: The Microsoft Teams Web application is approved by your IT department. You will receive an e-mail with a link to take part in the web training.
  • Course language: ENGLISH



  • PAK users who need an introduction to the evaluation of measurement data with PAK's OTPA tools

Seminar dates

On request; please do not hesitate to contact us.