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Determination of Sound Power and Intensity

Determination of sound power from intensity measurements

If your tasks include determining the sound power or analyzing sound power components and partial intensities, then the training will provide you with the specialist knowledge you need.

The aim of the training is to explain the basic steps in performing an intensity measurement and determining sound power with PAK .

Selected training contents

    • Application-specific background knowledge for intensity measurement
    • Structure of intensity measurement in PAK
    • Intensity as tracking variable
    • Creation of simple geometries as enveloping surfaces for test specimens and adaptation of complex geometries from Operational Deflection Shape analysis
    • Pressure Intensity Index and Pressure Residual Intensity Index
    • Execution of simple intensity measurements
    • Determination of sound power and sound power components from sound intensity
    • Evaluation options with the PAK Intensity Module


  • Course language: German


  • Users who want to learn how to perform an intensity measurement with PAK

Seminar dates

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