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PAK Advanced Course

In-depth knowledge of measurement data acquisition and analysis

Would you like to create interactive and flexible evaluations or comparative overviews of channels for quick evaluation of order levels? Would you like to quickly view your measurement via drag&drop in the data view? Would you like to expand your database with additional calculated channels or perform complex calculations in the graphics using PAK arithmetic?

In addition to a multitude of other tasks, PAK offers extensive visualization and evaluation options for exactly this purpose. Building on the PAK basic course, in which you already learned some options, the PAK advanced course deepens your knowledge around the graphic definition and introduces you to the enhanced calculation with arithmetic as well as data export.

Selected training contents

  • Deepening the data definition (channel calculation for min/max values, vector magnitude, channel overview, display of second axis, additional quantities, etc.)
  • Application of fixed and variable templates
  • Working with variables for measurement names (Alias)
  • Deepening of analyses from throughput data
  • Graphic output via data viewing, drag&drop functions
  • Serial display of analyzes with graphic sequence
  • Summary and evaluation of analysis data from several measurements
  • Introduction to working with PAK arithmetic and virtual channels
  • Data exchange with export and import functions and ASAM ODS ATF/X


  • PAK basic course and confident handling of the basic functionalities of the PAK graphics definition.
  • Course language: German


  • PAK users who want to use the enhanced graphical options of PAK that go beyond the basic functions

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