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PAK Basic Course

Basic knowledge for carrying out and analyzing measurements with the PAK system

The measurement and analysis system PAK offers you everything possible in sound, vibration and strength measurement for carrying out your measurements and evaluations. Beginning with simple measurements of engine run-ups up to structural investigations, a multitude of functions are available to you to process your tasks as efficiently as possible.

The PAK Basic Course introduces the basic handling of the measurement and analysis functions in PAK. At the end of the course, you will be familiar with the most important PAK functions, will make the relevant settings for measuring, analyzing and evaluating and will be able to work independently and efficiently on your measuring tasks.

Selected training contents


  • Practical measurement tasks for recording the measured variables of sound pressure, acceleration, and speed with successive introduction to the measurement, definition and settings of the signal chain
  • Relationship between track parameter (time, rotational speed) and FFT analysis parameters
  • Checking the quality of the measurement data

Analysis of measurement data

  • Structure and settings of the “graphic definition“
  • Representation of spectra, overall levels and order levels
  • Application of interactive graphic functions
  • Replaying of measurement data (basic knowledge)
  • Notes on creating reports with fixed templates


  • Helpful are previous knowledge of measurement technology, digital signal processing (sampling, significance of FFT parameters) and acoustics or vibration technology.
  • Course language: German


  • Users who would like to learn the basic handling of the measurement and evaluation functions in PAK

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