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Exterior Noise Analysis - PAK pass-by 3.x Upgrade-Training / Service

Exterior noise evaluations with the PAK pass-by 3.x application 

The determination of exterior noise in vehicle development should be carried out quickly and efficiently – for both real measurements on the test track and for simulated measurements on the test bench.

PAK pass-by 3.x is a powerful all-in-one application for real and simulated pass-by and other exterior noise topics (stationary noise measurement, horn measurements, etc.), which guarantees rapid testing, standardized work processes and efficient resource utilization of the test bench and test track.

In this advanced training you will receive a comprehensive introduction to the PAK pass-by 3.x application and its functions as well as order-oriented work. The aim of the upgrade training is to convey the innovations and changes and the efficient working with the new version. For users of older PAK pass-by applications in particular, we recommend our upgrade service for changing to the latest PAK pass-by version 3.x, which guarantees an easy changeover. This fee-based service is carried out by experts from our pass-by team on your premises.

Selected training contents

    • Working with components of the PAK family
    • Order-oriented workflows
    • ASAM ODS ATF/XML based data management
    • Workflow "from installation to report" on sample measurements of the real pass-by


  • Basic knowledge of PAK 5.x or older PAK pass-by versions and knowledge of specific standards


  • Users who wish to upgrade from an older PAK pass-by system (PAK 5.x or PAK pass-by 1.x) to the current PAK pass-by 3.x version

Seminar dates

On request; if you are interested in this service, please do not hesitate to contact us.