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Impact Measurement and Mode Evaluation

Eigen Frequency Evaluation and Experimental Modal Analysis

The impact measurement is a very effective instrument for structural investigations, which can be carried out with very little measuring effort. Structural optimization measures can often be derived directly from its results. A strong orientation towards the workflow enables efficient investigations, which is shown exemplarily by the three measuring modes "Roving Hammer", "Roving Hammer and Sensors" and "Mobility Measurement".

A “Roving Hammer” measurement is the fastest way to get information about the behavior of a structure. However, this measurement mode is not fully suitable for every application. In the training "impact measurement and mode evaluation” we discuss the reasons for this and show alternative approaches. The individual configuration options of the "Roving Hammer and Sensors" mode are described detail. The determination of local stiffnesses is used in mechanical engineering and vehicle construction to determine support properties. The "Mobility Measurement" in PAK takes this task into account.

The training explains how to use the graphics specially provided for impact measurements and how to analyze them. In order to display the measurement quality directly, PAK integrates the animation of Operational Deflection Shape analyses (ODS). In an example we will show you how to animate a real model of a DUT with concise excitation frequencies. The calculation of the modal parameters and the representation of the modal vibration modes is done with the software ME'scope™. As an example, we will show you the modal analysis procedure.

Selected training contents

    • Introduction to the operation and procedure of impact measurements
    • Overview of the individual measurement modes
    • Examples for learning the use of impact measurements
    • Evaluation options of impact measurements (transfer functions, coherence)
    • Animation of the results of ODS analysis
    • Insight into modal analysis with ME'scope™


  • PAK basic course and safe handling of the PAK graphic definition.
  • Course language: German


  • PAK users who want to carry out structural analyses and structure-borne sound investigations

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