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PAK capture

Maximized Flexibility

Record dynamic data easily and intuitively: With PAK capture, mobile measurements become even more efficient. Discover the features of PAK capture for the quick acquisition and visualization of physical data.

PAK capture - driving


PAK capture suite is a measurement system for dynamic data acquisition based on the PAK live technology, which makes measurement not only easy and convenient, but also extremely efficient.

Designed for high-quality dynamic data acquisition, PAK capture ensures instant, sustainable and traceable results for your applications when it comes to measuring noise and vibration. PAK capture utilizes the innovative PAK live technology, consisting of embedded services on measurement devices, such as the PAK MKII or MicroQ.

PAK capture - measure


Various applications in mobile testing and troubleshooting can be executed with phase-synchronous, calibrated recordings on the frontend. The "On-The-Go" user interface of PAK capture offers not only direct access to the sensor or device settings, but also continuous monitoring of the sensor signals.

Simply synchronize your sensor catalogue via the PAK cloud and benefit from an even more advanced measurement configuration.


Your data is instantly ready for interaction. PAK live technology turns the PAK MKII or MicroQ frontend into an intelligent standalone measurement device with maximized operational reliability. You can configure your measurements effortlessly on-site, change settings quickly, calibrate signals, record time and CAN/CAN FD raw data and store them on the frontend in ASAM ODS ATF/X format.

Depending on the requirements, PAK MKII and MicroQ measurement frontends can be synchronized via GPS or PTP, allowing for additional channels to be added quickly. Users can monitor the signal quality and swiftly browse their recorded data. The system automatically provides the necessary quality parameters and assembles information for an efficient overview. Finally, the acquired data can be played back in stereo.

Once your acquisition has been completed, just download your recorded data from the measurement system. Your development partners may smoothly continue their work with the data as well as it is based on ASAM ODS NVH ATF/X format.

Intelligent Features

  • On-site test configuration and calibration
  • Automated sensor matching
  • Real-time level display showing the status of signals and sensor connections, e.g. overloads, open/short circuits
  • Online time history
  • Configurable ring buffer
  • Decoding, online display and storage of CANbus data (CAN, CAN FD, WWH-OBD, Multiplex)
  • PAK live trigger service for event- or condition-related recording
  • PTP synchronization
    (Master & Slave mode)
  • Overview of recorded data
  • Audio playback of stored recordings
  • File format: ASAM ODS NVH ATF/XML
  • Flic™ button support

PAK capture Apps

The latest versions of both Apps – PAK capture and PAK capture Lab (beta version) – can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple® App Store™.


Apple® App Store™:    PAK capture    PAK capture Lab

PAK tunes –
The gateway for transferring recorded measurement data

PAK tunes provides both a portal for transferring recorded data and a convenient interface for maintaining the firmware software of the PAK MKII and MicroQ frontends. PAK tunes monitors the status of the hardware firmware and performs upgrades when necessary to ensure that the measurement frontend is always up to date. Users benefit from an automated handling of software updates and data transfers.

Click-once installation package 
for Windows® OS, 75 MB :  PAK tunes

How to interact best with PAK tunes will be shown in the getting started.