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Operational Deflection Shape Analysis (Web Training)

Tools for the animation of vibration shapes

In an Operational Deflection Shape analysis (ODS) the animation of the vibration shapes is an important tool for checking the measurement results in addition to the graphical representation of vibration measurements. The ODS offers you efficient, comfortable and comprehensive tools for structural analysis: from easy to perform animation of measurement data to complex models for presentations. The particular strength of the ODS unfolds in the animation of special operating points within troubleshooting or in the comparison of development stages during complex measurement campaigns.

Selected training contents

In this web training we will introduce you to the basic functionalities and the two most common procedures for implementing an ODS. For this purpose, we provide suitable operating and impact measurement data. With this data you will create an ODS and an animation in the frequency domain and apply the learned procedure to impact measurement data.

  • Creating an ODS in the frequency domain

    Exemplary integration of 3D objects
  • Comparative animation at different operating points

  • Animation from the impact measurement


  • PAK basic course and safe use of the PAK graphic definition.
  • Technical requirements: The Microsoft Teams Web application is approved by your IT department. You will receive an e-mail with a link to take part in the web training.
  • Course language: German


  • PAK users who wish to receive an introduction to the ODS

Seminar dates

On request; please do not hesitate to contact us.