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Measurement Data Analysis with PAK Arithmetic

Basic knowledge for further processing of measurement data

The PAK Arithmetic is a tool with many and almost arbitrarily combinable functions for evaluations. The graphic PAK already includes a multitude of operations and calculations for standard analyses (e.g. total level calculations). The PAK Arithmetic module extends this range of functions. Would you like to create an individual evaluation that is not available in the standard scope? – Then PAK Arithmetic is the right module for you.

In this training we offer you a basic introduction to the arithmetic module. Based on selected examples, you will learn how to create simple formulas and apply them specifically to measurement .

Selected training contents

  • Introduction to the structure of PAK Arithmetic and its integration into PAK graphics
  • Overview of the individual arithmetic functions
  • Step-by-step example for learning how to handle PAK Arithmetic
  • Example calculations: Calculation of level curves, calculation of mean values from different data sets, creation of target curves


  • PAK basic course and safe handling of the PAK graphic definition.
  • Course language: German


  • PAK users who want to use calculations that go beyond the standard functions of the PAK graphics

Seminar dates

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